Pathila Tandoori: About Us

Pathila Tandoori was established in the influencial village of Prestwood and Great Missenden in 1997; serving exclusive Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine to the highest standards ever since. The management have experience in cooking and serving todays Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine to suit all tastes. The business was first founded in 1986, in a restaurant called Tandoori Nite; the first restaurant in Great Missenden. As time passed, Tandoori Nite grew with the community and had become known amongst the residents of Great Missenden for its excellent food and standards. After having huge success, the management decided to open a takeaway (Pathila) which was aimed to serve the residents of Prestwood.

The Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine is full of spice and traditional flavours which infuse together to give a diverse taste. Using todays ingredients, we are able to replicate the dishes of the past to the highest of standards. Freshly made ingredients are always used in our dishes to enhance the explicit flavours in the food we serve. All our dishes are tailored towards the traditional cuisine ranging from Chicken Tikka Massla to Chicken Korma; two very popular dishes.

Catering Services for outside functions
With our unique variety of dishes, and flexible prices, we can cater for a very wide variety of special events which include weddings, parties, reception and dinner gatherings etc. We also tailor our services towards your requirements and budget; providing fresh and hot food straight to the venue. If requested, we can either display the food on our buffet service at your function. Recently, we have catered and served food for a large party; meeting both the needs of the budget and the quality of the food. For prices, either phone or contact the management.